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Mayfield High . <.................This is wrong. Mayfield High is where Walley Cleaver went to school. Beaver Cleaver went to Grant Avenue Grammar School.

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If the show had continued, he would have graduated from high school in 1967. His graduation from 8th grade was in the last season in 1963.

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Q: What school did beaver cleaver go to?
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What is the name of Beaver Cleaver's brother?

Wally Cleaver

What are the names of the Cleaver Family?

The Cleaver family in the TV comedy, "Leave It to Beaver," Were the parents, June and Ward Cleaver, the older son, Wally, and the younger son, called Beaver by everyone except his teacher, who used his proper personal name, Theodore.

Mothers name on leave it to beaver?

Beaver's mother June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver for all 234 episodes of Leave It To Beaver was played by the late Barbara Billingsley (December 22, 1915 - October 16, 2010) .

How did Theodore Cleaver get the name Beaver in the old TV show 'Leave It To Beaver'?

When Theodore was born, his brother, Wally (Tony Dow) tried to pronounce his new brother's name but ended up mouthing "Tweeter" which sounded like "Beaver" to his parents, Ward (Hugh Beaumont) &amp; June (Barbara Billingsley) and so began the saga of Beaver Cleaver and the jokes about his name. Beaver's real name, Theodore was based on June's Aunt Martha's brother. Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond), a wisecracking, insincere friend of teenager Wally Cleaver who called Beaver "Squirt" and "Creep" would greet him with taunts like "Hiya Beaver, you gnaw down any trees today?" In the last episode of the series, June tells Beaver "It kept coming out TWEEVER. In real life, one of the writers - Joe Connelly - had a shipmate in World War II called "The Beaver". and that's how he got the name, and from Beaver they got the name Cleaver. Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, hated being called "Teddy".

What was Mrs Cleavers' first name on Leave it to Beaver?

The female character (the mom) was June Cleaver and the male character (the dad) was Ward Cleaver. Beaver's real name in the TV show was Theodore, and he had a brother named Wally.

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