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Q: What scary movie has the little boy that crawls on the ceiling?
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Is the orphan a scary movie?

No , but i love scary stuff. I have a chucky poster on my ceiling.

Is 2012 the movie scary?

VERY! It is the scariest movie of 2009!! That is...if you actually believe in the theory.

What does the title beastly suggest about the movie?

it sounds lame but for little kids scary

Scary doll movie where a little boy finds a ventriliquist doll?

Making Contact.

What is all the movies in the movie series like scary movie and epic movie?

Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 3 etc. Epic Movie super hero movie disaser movie

Which scary movie is ghostface in?

Scary Movie 1.

Is the movie devil scary?

No, there is very little developement to the characters, sub par acting, a fairly ridiculous plotline, and the scary moments aren't even that scary. Just my opinion though.

Is the steel revenge movie on club penguin scary?

nothing on club penguin is very scary because club penguin is for little kids too

Is paranormal 2 a scary movie?

Yes it is a scary movie. It is a horror movie.

How do you introduce a scary movie?

You introduce a scary movie by putting it on a preview and or get someone excited on another movie and surprise them with a scary movie of your choice.

What is a good horror movie for 12 year olds?

scary movie,scary movie 2,and the rest but it is really called scary movie

Is there any horror Comedy movies?

yes, there is scary movie scary movie 2 scary movie 3 those are all scary movie comediess. So is Army of Darkness.