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maynard James keenan is probably thelemite.

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Q: What religion does a perfect circle practice?
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How do you have perfect karma?

You can't have perfect anything. Nothing in this world is perfect. They say practice makes perfect, it doesn't, it makes improvement. We ALL make mistakes which proves that we are not perfect. A straight line isn't even perfect, I mean if it was, then the circle would not exist.

When was A Perfect Circle created?

A Perfect Circle was created in 1999.

When was The Perfect Circle created?

The Perfect Circle was created in 1997.

If Practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect then why practice?

So that we can get as close to perfect as possible =) Perfection is an static image as a goal in a dynamic reality. The incomprehension of reality's dynamics out of observation makes perfection constantly redefinable. Inside observation, the limits of mathematics do just the same. The perfect circle depends on how many digits you calculate, 3,14 is not as perfect as 3,14159264, which is less perfect than 3,14159264... .

What is the duration of The Perfect Circle?

The duration of The Perfect Circle is 1.83 hours.

Does practice make perfect?

Yes, very often practice makes perfect, but if you practice incorrectly, then you are just reinforcing error, which is why some people say "perfect practice makes perfect."

Which religion do the Muslims practice?

They practice Islam religion.

When was Perfect Circle - novel - created?

Perfect Circle - novel - was created in 2004.

When was Perfect Circle - song - created?

Perfect Circle - song - was created in 1983.

How could you perform effectively the skills in play sports?

Practice, Practice, Practice! Perfect practice makes PERFECT!

Is Mars' orbit a perfect circle?

No planet's orbit is a perfect circle. They are all ellipses.

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A compass is used to make a perfect circle.