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she is a follower of catholic Christian as well as influenced by vipassana

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Q: What religion does Robert Vadra follows?
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What religion does priyanka vadra follows?

she is a follower of catholic Christian as well as influenced by vipassana

When was Robert Vadra born?

Robert Vadra was born in 1969.

Who is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi?

Robert Vadra is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi.

When was Priyanka Vadra born?

Priyanka Vadra was born on 1972-01-12.

What is Hindu or Muslim?

Hindu is a person who follows Hinduism religion and Muslim is a one who follows Islam religion.

What religion follows the teaching of Budda?

Buddhism which is a philosophy, not a religion. He had no religion

Which religion does sachin tendulkar belongs to?

He follows the Hindu religion

Who follows the Buddhism religion?


What religion follows Mohammad?


Muslim follows what religion?

they dont follow any their religion is Islam

What is the postal address of priyanka gandhi vadra?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra keeps her personal postal address private. However, you can email her at or visit her personal website and click the Contact Us link.

Sonia Gandhi still Christian or she is Hindu?

Basically She is Strong believer of catholic christianity,and also wants to convert Rajiv ji,as christian, She is still a christian,sonia gandhi marry her daughter Priyanka to a converted christian, Vadheras(Punjabi Hindus) now after conversion called vadra (New cast created by conversion),Robert & Richard two brother, Robert Vadra father Raj kumar Vadhera converted as christian because he wants his business of brass to be export in Christian Europe,his wife is a christian