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Q: What produces views in only one direction?
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Did one direction have more views than Justin Bieber?

noo.. unfortunately. Justin Bieber rose up to fame before One Direction.

Stroking a magnetic material in one direction with a magnet produces a magnet by?

aligning the magnetic domains within the material in the same direction. This creates a magnetic field in the material, making it a magnet itself.

Is a ray infinite in only one direction?

A ray is infinite in only one direction.

A ray is infinite in two directions.?

a ray only goes in one direction which is either left, right, up, or down

Did One Direction break Vevo?

One Direction and the Directioners did not break Vevo itself, but they have broken several records on Vevo for most views on a music video in its first 24 hours.

Who is more famous psy or one direction?

PSY is more famous because if you research his video(s) on youtube he has A LOT more views then One Direction. One Direction will soon become just as famous but it might take some time^^

What is an unbalanced argument?

An unbalanced argument is one where you consider only the views of one perspective, or where you consider both views, but you are biased.

Is harry from One Direction Muslim?

No, Zayn is the only Muslim in One Direction.

Does one direction have 18 songs?

no, one direction have only 15 songs.

Who has more fans one direction or Justin Bieber?

Boy band One Direction has unseated Justin Bieberas the hottest act in music by crushing one of his biggest records. The fans have spoken and the One Direction revolution has begun!The One Direction video "Live While We're Young" has overtaken 18-year-old Justin's "Boyfriend" as the video with the highest number of views in 24 hours. Justin previously set the pace in May with more than 8 million views, and 1D snuck past with 8.24 million views, the site revealed via Twitter.It seems that One Direction is poised to take over the world from Justin.Justin vs. One Direction.FUNNY.

What minerals have only one direction of cleavage?

Mica minerals have only one direction of cleavage. Examples are Muscovite and Biotite.

When are one direction coming to Toronto for a book signing?

Only one direction can tell you that.