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what were the most popular songs in 2001

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Q: What popular songs were made in 2001?
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What music was popular during 2001?

A list of the top 100 songs of 2001 can be found at

What are some of Jay Sean's songs?

Jay Sean has made many songs throughout the years. Some of his popular songs include Down, War, Ride It, I Made It, 2012 (It Ain't the End), and Do You Remember.

What song did ACDC make popular?

ACDC have made several popular songs, whether they are live favorites or radio hits.

How many songs did keha make?

She has made very many...but only few are popular.

What are some of the most popular songs by The Ronettes?

The Ronettes were a popular band in the 1960's from the U.S. They had eight songs that made it onto the 100 Billboard Hits. Some of these songs included "Be My Baby", "Walking In The Rain", and "Baby, I Love You".

What are some popular songs that Dam D has made?

The rap artist Dam D does not have many different songs available that he has written. His most popular song is called "Love Me" and it was released in 2009.

What song made Amy lee famous?

the songs that made amy lee was my immortal and bring me to life. that is her most popular.

What songs where popular in 1959?

Palisades Park made the charts in that year, still widely heard.

What are some of the songs made popular by Bulgarian singer Preslava?

Bulgarian artist Preslava, one of the most popular singers to hail from Bulgaria, has several hit songs throughout her discography. Her more popular songs include "Nishto Drugo," "Dyalvolsko Zhelanie," "Ostavi Mi," and "Novata Ti."

Who made the song please release you let you go most popular?

Englebert Humperdinck made the song "Please release me (let me go)" popular. It is one of his signature songs.

What were five popular songs through 1945-1949?

what were five popular songs in 1949

When was blink 182 most popular?

They were most popular in 2000-2001. When they had released their singles from the Enema Of The State album, All The Small Things and Whats My Age Again. (Adams Song wasnt as popular). Also, they released their Take Off Your Pants And Jacket album in 2001. They also released one of their most popular songs in 2003, I Miss You, but it did not make as big an impact as the Enema Of The Sate Album songs did, as mainstream music was changing.

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