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Q: What phrase might you see if you were going to buy movie tickets at the ticket booth in Canada?
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What items can you purchase from a ticket booth?

Depending upon the type of ticket booth it is someone could be purchasing movie tickets, concert tickets, food tickets, amusement park tickets, and so on.

The place in a cinema where the tickets are sold?

ticket booth

How much and how do you get One Direction tickets?

Well what i did was camped outside the ticket booth and was first in lin

How easy is it to get circus tickets?

It is very easy to get circus tickets. Just go to a local circus and buy the tickets at the ticket booth. Alternatively, one can try websites like TicketMaster.

Where can I find broadway tickets for sale?

You can find some broadway tickets on sale by going to the actually ticket booth at the theater. Or you can go to this website or

How much is a ticket booth?

A ticket booth is a food booth it is about $20 depending on what you get .

Where does one go to purchase a Blue Jays baseball ticket?

You can purchase tickets for Blue Jays baseball seats in Toronto grocery stores that provide a ticket booth. My grocery store called Fiesta will sell tickets for all ongoing events in my area. You can also purchase the same ticket/tickets online.

Where can one purchase Nets tickets?

One can purchase Nets tickets in many places. They could purchase them in the ticket booth before entering the stadium or they could purchase them online at any time at any ticket selling sites.

Where could one purchase tickets to Wicked in New York City?

One can get cheaper Wicked tickets by looking on websites such as Viagogo and Stubhub. There is also a ticket booth in Leicester Square, London, called TKTS, that offers that days' tickets for matinees and evening performances of shows including Wicked.

Where could a person buy England vs Scotland international rugby match tickets?

A person can purchase England vs Scotland international rugby match tickets from: Viagogo, Seat Wave, Stub Hub, Rugby Football Union International Tickets, Ticket Master, Get Me In, Ticket Booth, Online Tickets Express, Daily Telegraph Tickets.

Where is the place to get a ticket for a train in Italy?

Train tickets for Italy can be purchased at local train stations at the ticket booth. They can also be purchased online by going to your local train stations website, selecting your route and buying a ticket.

Can you buy tickets for a nfl game at the ticket booth the day of the game?

Yes, but if its a big game you're more than likely going to have to pre-order them.