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Jackson's popularity is the highest in all of the world. Michael is known for being the "King of Pop" and the "Inventor of the moonwalk" even though he died, people still cry and talk about him. I personally don't understand why he had so many nose jobs, he made himself look freaky. Although, many people thought he was horrid cause he took drugs. But he was a fantastic singer and dancer, a great contribution to Pop Music.

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Hundreds of millions of people around the world are fans of Michael Jackson, he sold 750 million records worldwide.

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Many tens of millions from all over the world. It'll never be known exactly how many fans he had, but the number would amount to a sizeable percentage of the world's population.

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A very large percentage of the planet. Even those who were not fans of his art while he was living are now falling in love with the pure, loving, caring, generous man he was.

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Q: What percentage of people are Michael Jackson fans?
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