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Who was the founder of Motown

The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

Berry Gordy Jr had a unique approach to artist promotion Which of the following statements best describes his method

What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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Q: What percent of musicians write their own music?
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When musicians make up their own music its called?

When Musicians write their own music it's called...Composing Music

Does Take That write their songs on their own?

Yes, they write a lot of their own material. They are very talented musicians.

Does lil wsyne write his own music?

i think that lil wane oes not write his own music.

Does Miranda Cosgrove write her own music?

of course why would she let someone else write her own music

Does escape the fate write their own music?

Yes, they write their own material.

Did nsync write their own music?


Does mgmt write their own songs?

Yes, they actually write their own songs and music.

Who are some musicians that don't write their own songs and who writes for them?

Alice in chains korn r.e.m. faith no more bush stone temple pilots these guys write there own music

Does Brooke Fraser write her own songs?

Yes, the most of them. She is a writer for other musicians too.

Do opera musicians compose their own music?

No. The opera musical score was previously composed ... haven't heard of opera music being improvised.

Who created different kinds of music?

Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix... Basically all famous musicians had their own unique style of music.

Do the veronicas write their own music?

yes they do