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You use your feet most, usually your dominant foot more than your nondominant.

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Q: What part of your body do you use the most in soccer?
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How do you play soccer with your hands?

Soccer is played with your any part of your body except the hands. The only person that can use there hands is a goalkeeper.

What are legal ways to play the ball with your body in soccer?

You can literally use any part of your body unless its from your shoulder to your fingertips.

What body part are you NOT allowed to use in soccer?

The hands from the wrist down should not be used in soccer.

Which body part does an oyster use for protection?

most likely its shell

What part of your body can you use besides your feet in soccer?

You need just about every single body part! Your head, arms, chest, and obviously your legs and feet. You need EVERYTHING!

What can you use too make an 11v11 goal for soccer?

Any part of your body except your arms and hands. Unless you're Maradona or Thierry Henry.

What part of a tarantulas body do they use the most?

Their feet and legs, as there are eight each of them!

What other parts of your body are allowed besides your feet in soccer?

You are allowed to play with your whole body in Football/Soccer. You may not touch the ball though, with any part of your hands or arms, unless you are a goalkeeper. So you may use your knees, chest, head and even back.

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs

What body part does a cricket use to chrip?

what body part does a cricket use to chirp.

How was the ballgame different than soccer?

A game was played in the streets in England in which players were allowed to use any part of the body, including feet and hands, to take the ball from one side to the other. From this game derived Soccer, Football, and Rugby.fooball

What are some systems that effect when you play soccer?

Muscular Skeletal Nervous Respiratory