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Chapter 7 page 118 isbn= 0-399-50148-7 ur welcome

happy reading :)

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Q: What page does raplh ask jack why do you hate me?
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In chapter 7 what does Ralph ask Jack?

He asks him "Why do you hate me?"

What does Ralph ask jack that makes the boy uncomfortable?

In lord of the flies, what does Ralph ask jack that makes the boys uncomfortable

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What does Ralph ask jack the causes the boys to stir uneasily?

Ralph asks Jack "Why do you hate me?" that causes the boys to stir uneasily. Hope that helped:)

What important question does Ralph ask jack?

In Chapter 8, Jack asks everyone to vote for him as chief. When no one votes for him, he gets embarrassed and he starts to cry.

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Ask Jack's Pets.

What page in Lord of the Flies does Jack ask for a reelection?

In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, Jack asks for a re-election on pages 150-152 in some editions of the book. He challenges Ralph for leadership, leading to a division among the boys on the island.

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