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Henery Hawk - Miss Prissy - Egghead Jr. - Bill the Weasel - Barnyard Dog - Bugs Bunny -

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Q: What other characters appeared with Foghorn Leghorn?
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Who is the little chicken with Foghorn Leghorn?

Monday October 21, 2002 Previous | Next Dear Yahoo!: What is the name of the little chicken with big glasses on the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons? DonaldWatertown, New York Dear Donald: Well, hog gravy and chitlins! Faster than you can sing "Camptown Races," we scrambled to gather some details on the yappy rooster's little sidekick. We made tracks and headed to the Looney Tunes Characters > Foghorn Leghorn category in the Yahoo! Directory. The little chicken with the big glasses is named Egghead Jr., and he was first introduced in the 1954 cartoon "Little Boy Boo." He's the son of Miss Prissy, a scrawny hen that, in previous cartoons, had been a spinster vying to win Foghorn Leghorn's love. The identity of Egghead's father is never revealed, although Foghorn is surely not his dad. Online summaries of "Little Boy Boo" note that Foghorn has to prove he'll be a good stepfather to Egghead Jr. in order to shack up with Miss Prissy in her warm house. Of course, Foghorn and Egghead don't make a great pair because the little tyke is a million times smarter than the goofy rooster. Egghead Jr. was featured in two more Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. According to Mr. Leghorn himself, "That boy, I say, that boy's just like a tattoo -- gets under your skin" (admittedly, Leghorn called every male "boy," so he could have been talking about anyone). In 1995's "Feather Dusted," Foghorn tries to turn Egghead away from books and towards sports and other clich�d boy's activities. In 1960's "Crockett-Doodle-Doo," Foghorn attempts more of the same by taking Junior camping. In both cartoons, Egghead gets the better of Foghorn and shows how his genius and book learning beats the elder animal's supposed street smarts. Cock-a-doodle do, I say, cock-a-doodle do!

What part of the Leghorn Chicken's egg is white?

The multilayer hard shell of the egg of a White Leghorn chicken is white. The inside is the same color as every other chicken's egg. The shell is white because the Leghorn does not have the color genes to have blue shells or brown applied to the outer shell layers.

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