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I know he's got a heart.

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Q: What organs does general grievous have?
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When was General Grievous born?

Grievous' birthday is unknown.

What is General Grievous's Real Name?

General Grievous's Real name is Qymaen Jai Sheelal

What is the name of general grievous's ship?

General Grievous's ship in Revenge of the Sith was named the Invisible Hand.

How tall is General Grievous?

Grievous is 2.16 meters tall, which is 7 feet 6 inches

What is the cheat code to unlock General Grievous in Star Wars two the original trilogy?

There is no cheat code to unlock General Grievous in Star Wars: The Original Trilogy video game. General Grievous is not a playable character in that game.

Who is General greivouses apprenticce?

General Grievous doesn't have an apprentice

How do you defeat General Grievous in the complete saga?

Just keep doing light saber attacks and eventually you will kill or defeat general grievous.

Where can one find the Lego Star Wars General Grievous?

Finding the Lego Star Wars General Grievous is not a very challenging thing to do at all. In order to find General Grievous, one can purchase his action figure at Toys R Us.

Where was General Grievous born?

The planet Kalee.

Was general grievous Darth maul?

No. He was not a Sith.

Is asajj ventress stronger than general grievous?

Asajj Ventress is a skilled Force-user and lightsaber duelist, while General Grievous is known for his proficiency with multiple lightsabers and combat tactics. In terms of raw strength and agility, Ventress may have the edge over Grievous due to her Force abilities. However, Grievous's cybernetic enhancements and combat experience make him a formidable opponent in their encounters.

Did General Grievous survive his fate on upata?

No he didn't.