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"St. Patricks Day" season 6, episode 18

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Q: What office episode has mega-desk in it?
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What was the pilot episode of the office?

The pilot episode of the Office is actually called The Pilot.

What was the name of the office episode where Michael slept with Holly?

In Season 5, Episode 5, Michael and Holly sleep together in the office on a date, which leads to the office being robbed. The name of the episode is "Crime Aid."

When is the next new episode of the office?

"sabre" is the name of the next episode

What episode of The Office had the cameo of Conan O'Brien?

the valentine's day episode

What episode was parkour on the office?

Gossip. Season 6, Episode 1.

Where could one go to find an episode guide of the US version of The Office?

An episode guide of the US version of The Office can be found on various sites such as the official site for The Office. The episode guide can also be found on sites such as IMDB.

What is John Krazinski's salary per episode of The Office?

John Krazinski is said to have earned approximately $125,000 per episode on "The Office."

What episode of the office is it when Michael pulls a prank on Pam preteding to fire her?

That occurs in the very first episode of The Office in Season 1.

What is your favorite episode of the office?


What episode of the office did Dwight pop the ball?

Season 2, Episode 5.

What episode of the office has the auction?

They held an auction in Episode 5 of Season 5.

What episode is Recyclops in from The Office?

Shareholder Meeting. Season 6, Episode 11.