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Vjekoslav Katusin goes by Vjeko.

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Q: What nicknames does Vjekoslav Katusin go by?
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How tall is Vjekoslav Katusin?

Vjekoslav Katusin is 178 cm.

When was Vjekoslav Katusin born?

Vjekoslav Katusin was born on October 28, 1983, in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

What nicknames does Dalibor Katusin go by?

Dalibor Katusin goes by Dale.

What actors and actresses appeared in Secret Agent George - 2013?

The cast of Secret Agent George - 2013 includes: Vjekoslav Katusin as Martin Torrez

What movie and television projects has Vjekoslav Katusin been in?

Vjekoslav Katusin has: Played Statist - Rocker in "Stuntmen - Der Film" in 2007. Played Marcus Fenix in "Live Fast and Die Young" in 2007. Played Angelo in "Der Letzte Coup" in 2008. Played Nazi Officer in "Blubberella" in 2011. Played German Soldier in "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" in 2011. Played Boss Ric in "My Summer Lady" in 2012. Played Martin Torrez in "Secret Agent George" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stuntmen - Der Film - 2007?

The cast of Stuntmen - Der Film - 2007 includes: Tanja de Wendt as Toni Jascha Folger as Dennis Vjekoslav Katusin as Statist - Rocker

How tall is Dalibor Katusin?

Dalibor Katusin is 180 cm.

When was Dalibor Katusin born?

Dalibor Katusin was born on September 24, 1980, in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

What actors and actresses appeared in My Summer Lady - 2012?

The cast of My Summer Lady - 2012 includes: Yasemin Bozdogan as Nadine Romina Di Lella as Maria Vjekoslav Katusin as Boss Ric Anna Madaro as Jane Ozcan Unsal as Hotel Boss Selcen Yilmazoglu as Melissa

When was Vjekoslav Karas born?

Vjekoslav Karas was born in 1821.

When did Vjekoslav Karas die?

Vjekoslav Karas died in 1858.

When was Vjekoslav Ćurić born?

Vjekoslav Ćurić was born in 1957.