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Mike Krzyzewski goes by Coach K.

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Q: What nicknames does Mike Krzyzewski go by?
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What nicknames does Mickie Krzyzewski go by?

Mickie Krzyzewski's birth name is Carol Marsh.

What is Mike Krzyzewski's birthday?

Mike Krzyzewski was born on February 13, 1947.

When was Mike Krzyzewski born?

Mike Krzyzewski was born on February 13, 1947.

Is Mike Krzyzewski republican?

Coach K, prolly. Go Heels!!

How old is Mike Krzyzewski?

Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is 70 years old (birthdate: February 13, 1947).

Did Mike Krzyzewski go to the Naval Academy?

He went to USMA, West Point, NY.

Where did Mike Krzyzewski go to high school?

bishop alexander carter secondary school.

How tall is mike krzyzewski?


What was Mike Krzyzewski nickname?


Who is duke's basketball coach?

Mike Krzyzewski

Is Mike Krzyzewski atheist?

No, he is actually Buddhist

What are the release dates for ESPN SportsCentury - 1999 Mike Krzyzewski?

ESPN SportsCentury - 1999 Mike Krzyzewski was released on: USA: 23 March 2005