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Maky Soler goes by Soler.

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Q: What nicknames does Maky Soler go by?
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How tall is Maky Soler?

Maky Soler is 166 cm.

What is the birth name of Maky solar?

Maky Soler's birth name is Magdalena Moguilevsky Hojman.

When was Maky solar born?

Maky Soler was born on February 25, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What nicknames does Andreu solar go by?

Andreu Soler goes by Stevie.

What nicknames did Armando solar go by?

Armando Soler went by Cholito.

What nicknames does Bob solar go by?

Bob Soler goes by Solerso.

What nicknames does Carles solar go by?

Carles Soler goes by Biano.

What nicknames did Frederic solar go by?

Frederic Soler went by Seraf Pitarra.

What nicknames did Gabilondo solar go by?

Gabilondo Soler went by Cri-Cri, and El Grillito Cantor.

What movie and television projects has Maky solar been in?

Maky Soler has: Played Banderillera in "Mi novio es bakala" in 1999. Played Tania Vidal in "El juego de la vida" in 2001. Played Alejandra in "Amigas y rivales" in 2001. Played Receptionist 1 in "Masters of Horror" in 2005. Played La Diabla in "Santa Diabla" in 2013.

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