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John Laurinaitis goes by Johnny Ace, and Funk Man.

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Q: What nicknames does John Laurinaitis go by?
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What nicknames does Joe Laurinaitis go by?

Joe Laurinaitis goes by Animal Warrior, and Road Warrior Animal.

What is the birth name of John Laurinaitis?

John Laurinaitis's birth name is John Joseph Laurinaitis.

What height is John laurinaitis?

John laurinaitis is 6 foot one

Who won John Cena or John laurinaitis?

John Laurinaitis Won :)

What is John Laurinaitis's birthday?

John Laurinaitis was born on July 31, 1965.

When was John Laurinaitis born?

John Laurinaitis was born on July 31, 1965.

What is John Laurinaitis' nickname from WWE Raw?

His nickname is given by CM Punk, which is John NobodyGivesACrapAboutMe Laurinaitis

Did John Laurinaitis get fired?

no they retained him

How old is John Laurinaitis?

John Laurinaitis, aka Johnny Ace, is 51 years old (birthdate: July 31, 1965).

Did John cena beat John laurinigitis?

No, he was winning but Bigshow came out and punched Cena when he had John Laurinaitis attitude adjustment and after Bigshow knocked him out Laurinaitis covered Cena and got the three count. The rules were that no superstar could go out to the ring without being terminated, but Bigshow was fired a week before. Laurinaitis made a deal with show saying that if he helped him he would get his job back.

What is wwe john laurinaitis real name?

His real name is John Lauranitis

Who wins in WWE over the limit john cena or john laurinaitis?

i think john laurinitates won