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Jas Dhanda goes by Preeti.

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Q: What nicknames does Jas Dhanda go by?
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How tall is Jas Dhanda?

Jas Dhanda is 5' 5".

What nicknames does Jas Greywall go by?

Jas Greywall goes by Preeti.

What nicknames does Jasmine Waltz go by?

Jasmine Waltz goes by Jas.

What nicknames does Jase Shepherd go by?

Jase Shepherd goes by Jas.

What nicknames does Jasmin Radibratovic go by?

Jasmin Radibratovic goes by Jas, and Jaz.

What nicknames does Jasmine Jessica Anthony go by?

Jasmine Jessica Anthony goes by Jas.

What nicknames does Jasmine Di Angelo go by?

Jasmine Di Angelo goes by Jas.

What nicknames does Joshua Aaron Stringer go by?

Joshua Aaron Stringer goes by JAS.

What actors and actresses appeared in Unfare - 2011?

The cast of Unfare - 2011 includes: Jas Dhanda as Simran Jazz Virk as Jatinder

What nicknames does Jason Koerner go by?

Jason Koerner goes by Jas, Jay, Jay Bird, and JayJay.

What nicknames does Yasmine Dahm go by?

Yasmine Bleeth goes by Yaz, and Yazmania.

What movie and television projects has Jas Dhanda been in?

Jas Dhanda has: Played Maple Leafs Fan in "The Love Guru" in 2008. Played Student in "How to Be Indie" in 2009. Played Receptionist in "Covert Affairs" in 2010. Played Simran in "Unfare" in 2011. Played Millie in "Kings" in 2011. Played Rupinder in "Satisfaction" in 2013. Played New York Hacker in "Hacker" in 2014. Played Mellisa in "Teenagers" in 2014.