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Evangelista Santos goes by Cyborg.

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Q: What nicknames does Evangelista Santos go by?
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When was Evangelista Santos born?

Evangelista Santos was born in 1977.

What nicknames does Justin Evangelista go by?

Justin Evangelista goes by Doc, Boss, and The Schulz.

What nicknames does Cesar Evangelista Buendia go by?

Cesar Evangelista Buendia goes by Ces.

When was Diego Evangelista dos Santos born?

Diego Evangelista dos Santos was born on 1989-09-29.

What nicknames does Andy Santos go by?

Andy Santos goes by Santos.

What nicknames does Aicelle Santos go by?

Aicelle Santos goes by A-A.

What nicknames does Walberth Santos go by?

Walberth Santos goes by Berto.

What nicknames does Ramon Santos Leal go by?

Ramon Santos Leal goes by Moncho.

What nicknames does Helenna Santos go by?

Helenna Santos goes by Lenna, Leena, and Hels.

What nicknames does Willy Santos go by?

Willy Santos goes by Willer, Will, and Wet-Willy.

What nicknames does Andre Dos Santos go by?

Andre Dos Santos goes by Dre.

What nicknames does Kristin Dos Santos go by?

Kristin Dos Santos goes by Wanda.