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Elsa Hanewinkel goes by Guckai.

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Q: What nicknames does Elsa Hanewinkel go by?
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How tall is Elsa Hanewinkel?

Elsa Bangz is 5' 5".

When was Elsa Hanewinkel born?

Ella Hansen was born on August 24, 1883, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What nicknames does Elsa Leroy go by?

Elsa Leroy goes by Bambi.

What nicknames did Elsa Turakainen go by?

Elsa Turakainen went by Turri.

What nicknames does Elsa Larson go by?

Elsa Larson goes by Ellie, and Ella.

What nicknames does Elsa Maria Oliveira go by?

Elsa Maria Oliveira goes by Aaliyahzita.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wenn Elsa tanzt - 1998?

The cast of Wenn Elsa tanzt - 1998 includes: Niels Clausnitzer as Ein letzter Kunde Elsa Hanewinkel as Eine Angestellte Hildegard Krost as Eine Chefin Lukas Miko as Ein Verehrer

What actors and actresses appeared in Zufall - 2001?

The cast of Zufall - 2001 includes: Marina Anna Eich Mira Gittner Elsa Hanewinkel Roland Reber

What movie and television projects has Elsa Hanewinkel been in?

Elsa Hanewinkel has: Performed in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Tabea Kounory in "Vater wider Willen" in 1995. Performed in "Eine Herzensangelegenheit" in 1997. Played Eine Angestellte in "Wenn Elsa tanzt" in 1998. Played Elke in "Zwang" in 2000. Performed in "Zufall" in 2001. Played Marie in "Alster-Tanz" in 2002. Played Henriette von Dalberg in "Schiller" in 2005. Played Clara Schumann in "Robert Schumann - Clara Wieck - Johannes Brahms" in 2006. Played Karin Wolff in "Tod am Engelstein" in 2011.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alster-Tanz - 2002?

The cast of Alster-Tanz - 2002 includes: Lukas Bangerter as Martin Sandy Bergmann as Karin Frank Brunet as Oliver Elsa Hanewinkel as Marie Eva Klemt as Irene Gunnar Solka as Jan

How can I get a magic wand for an Elsa costume?

You can find Elsa magic wand at a lot of stores online so don't go to the trouble of making it. Some of the stores that sell it are elsa costumes, amazon, ebay, and the find.

Why did Elsa sing the song Let it go?

The reason why Elsa from Frozen, sang the song ''Let It Go'' is to let all of her fears gone. And to have freedom from her fears. And by starting over her life. To change herself.