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Drake Bell goes by The Drakester.

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Q: What nicknames does Drake Bell go by?
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What nicknames did Oliver Drake go by?

Oliver Drake went by OD.

What nicknames does Drake Shining go by?

Drake Shining goes by Munkihaid.

What nicknames does Drake Hogestyn go by?

Drake Hogestyn goes by Hoagie.

What nicknames did Milton Drake go by?

Milton Drake went by Milt.

What nicknames does Richie Drake go by?

Richie Drake goes by Drakester.

What nicknames did June Drake go by?

June Drake went by Junebug.

What nicknames does Sage Drake go by?

Sage Drake goes by Sagey.

What nicknames does Torrey Drake go by?

Torrey Drake goes by Tdrake.

What school does Drake Bell go to?

Currently Drake Bell is not in school. It is unknown what school's Bell has attended.Source:Various. "Drake Bell." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 18 Mar. 2011.>.

What will drake bell do next?

go any where he wants to

Drake bell short?

If I rember rightly Drake Bell ( the Drake Bell I know of ) is not short.

What is the birth name of Drake Bell?

Drake Bell's birth name is Jared Drake Bell.