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Christian Vieri goes by Bobo.

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Q: What nicknames does Christian Vieri go by?
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How tall is Christian Vieri?

Christian Vieri is 186 cm.

What is Christian Vieri's birthday?

Christian Vieri was born on July 12, 1973.

When was Christian Vieri born?

Christian Vieri was born on July 12, 1973.

How old is Christian Vieri?

Christian Vieri is 43 years old (birthdate: July 12, 1973).

What teams did Christian Vieri play for during her career?

Christian Vieri played for teams such as Atalanta, Torino, Milan, Monaco and Ravenna during his career. You can get more information about Christian Vieri at the Wikipedia.

Christian Vieri who can you call him?

how can i get contact or call christian vieri ... im afoot ball agent and i have somo good offer for him to play in uae foot ball leaga thanks

Who transferred from Inter Milan to AC Milan to Monaco to Atalanta to Fiorentina?

Christian Vieri

What nicknames does Christian Serritiello go by?

Christian Serritiello goes by Bubby.

What nicknames does Christian Siddell go by?

Christian Siddell goes by Boss.

What nicknames does Christian Saile go by?

Christian Saile goes by Chrissy.

What nicknames does Christian Salfeldner go by?

Christian Salfeldner goes by Chris.

What nicknames does Christian Schwarzer go by?

Christian Schwarzer goes by Blacky.