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Chantelle Fuoco goes by Shashe.

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Q: What nicknames does Chantelle Fuoco go by?
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How tall is Chantelle Fuoco?

Chantelle Fuoco is 5' 6".

When was Chantelle Fuoco born?

Chantelle Fuoco was born on September 24, 1988, in Homestead, Florida, USA.

What nicknames does Chantelle Readman go by?

Chantelle Readman goes by Chan.

What nicknames does Chantelle Newbery go by?

Chantelle Newbery goes by Tilly.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sub-Rosa - 2007?

The cast of Sub-Rosa - 2007 includes: Chantelle Fuoco as Ballerina Noelle Fuoco as Samantha

What actors and actresses appeared in American Dream - 2012?

The cast of American Dream - 2012 includes: Chantelle Fuoco as Ruth Regina Schnitzer as Marina

What movie and television projects has Chantelle Fuoco been in?

Chantelle Fuoco has: Played Ballerina in "Sub-Rosa" in 2007. Played Woman in "So Many Happy Memories" in 2008. Played Sarah in "All One Moment" in 2011. Played Barbara Marconi in "Drama Class" in 2011. Played Ruth in "American Dream" in 2012. Played Violet in "Epilogue: Bolder Than Buzzing Bugs" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in So Many Happy Memories - 2008?

The cast of So Many Happy Memories - 2008 includes: Chantelle Fuoco as Woman Jacob Reynolds

How do you spell Chantelle in french?

its chantelle

What is the birth name of Chantelle Tibbs?

Chantelle Tibbs's birth name is Chantelle Tibbs.

What is the birth name of Chantelle Houghton?

Chantelle Houghton's birth name is Chantelle Vivien Houghton.

What is the birth name of Kendra Chantelle?

Kendra Chantelle's birth name is Kendra Chantelle Campbelle.