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Bernard Rodriguez goes by Joe.

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Q: What nicknames does Bernard Rodriguez go by?
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What nicknames does Josephine Rodriguez go by?

Josephine Rodriguez goes by Josy Rodriguez.

What is the birth name of Bernard Rodriguez?

Bernard Rodriguez's birth name is Bernard Joseph Rodriguez.

What nicknames does Elle Rodriguez go by?

Elle Rodriguez goes by Elle.

What nicknames does Judah Rodriguez go by?

Judah Rodriguez goes by Buddah.

What nicknames does Lolita Rodriguez go by?

Lolita Rodriguez goes by Lolita.

What nicknames does Osmani Rodriguez go by?

Osmani Rodriguez goes by Ozy.

What nicknames does Paola Rodriguez go by?

Paola Rodriguez goes by Polly.

What nicknames does Rogelio Rodriguez go by?

Rogelio Rodriguez goes by Roger.

What nicknames did Spain Rodriguez go by?

Spain Rodriguez went by Manny.

What nicknames does Yosaris Rodriguez go by?

Yosaris Rodriguez goes by Yosi.

What nicknames did Adalberto Rodriguez go by?

Adalberto Rodriguez went by Machuchal, and Machuchal.

What nicknames does Carlito Rodriguez go by?

Carlito Rodriguez goes by Carlito Machete.