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Asim Kaleem goes by Awesome.

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Q: What nicknames does Asim Kaleem go by?
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What movie and television projects has Asim Kaleem been in?

Asim Kaleem has: Played Head Bank Robber in "Sekai Gyoten News" in 2000. Played Young Muslim in "Trauma" in 2009. Played Afghani Boy in "FlashForward" in 2009. Played Medical Intern in "Trauma" in 2009. Played Detective King in "True Blue" in 2010. Played Ali in "Ivy League Romance" in 2010. Played Airline Passenger in "Airline Disaster" in 2010. Played Attendant 1 in "The Internship Games" in 2014.

When did Kaleem Omar die?

Kaleem Omar died in 2009.

When was Kaleem Omar born?

Kaleem Omar was born in 1937.

When was Kaleem Shah born?

Kaleem Shah was born in 1942.

When did Kaleem Shah die?

Kaleem Shah died in 2002.

When was Pervaiz Kaleem born?

Pervaiz Kaleem was born on 1949-02-14.

When was Kaleem Saadat born?

Kaleem Saadat was born on 1951-12-12.

When was Mazhar Kaleem born?

Mazhar Kaleem was born on 1942-07-22.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ivy League Romance - 2010?

The cast of Ivy League Romance - 2010 includes: Kim Doe as Waitress Asim Kaleem as Ali Brenda Nicole Walsh as Victoria Will Rian as Restaurant Patron Affan Tareen as Affan

When did Kaleem Usmani die?

Kaleem Usmani died on August 28, 2000, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Who is in the paki crew in landau?

Year 10 and 11 ,12 hakeem awais sohail asim hassan tosique shamas sharoz Adam usman kafeel kaleem idris asif ahmad KALYAN idrees saqib anees amir zubby athesham raqeeb usman amir

What has the author Mazhar Kaleem written?

Mazhar Kaleem has written: 'Masali duniya' 'See top' 'Power agent'