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Nelson Riddle went by Nels.

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Nelson Rockefeller went by Rocky.

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Q: What nicknames did Nelson Rockefeller go by?
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What nicknames does Joseph Rockefeller go by?

Joseph Rockefeller goes by Joe.

What is the birth name of Nelson Rockefeller?

Nelson Rockefeller's birth name is Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich.

Who are Nelson Rockefeller's children?

nelson rockefeller children

When was This Nelson Rockefeller created?

This Nelson Rockefeller was created in 1988-02.

When was Nelson A. Rockefeller born?

Nelson A. Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1908.

What is Nelson A. Rockefeller's birthday?

Nelson A. Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1908.

What was Nelson Rockefeller's learning disability and how did it affect his life?

Nelson Rockefeller had dyslexia

What party was Nelson Rockefeller in?

Nelson Rockefeller was a member of the Republican Party.

How is Jay Rockefeller related to Nelson Rockefeller?

His father John D. Rockefeller III was the brother of Nelson Rockefeller so it makes him his uncle.

What nicknames did Nelson Mandela go by?

Nelson Mandela went by Madiba.

What nicknames does Nelson Aspen go by?

Nelson Aspen goes by J.R..

What nicknames does Nelson Stratta go by?

Nelson Stratta goes by Tano.