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Lester Hashey went by Leo.

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Q: What nicknames did Lester Hashey go by?
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When was Lester Hashey born?

Lester Hashey was born on February 23, 1925, in Portland, Maine, USA.

When did Lester Hashey die?

Lester Hashey died on December 11, 2002, in Scarborough, Maine, USA.

What nicknames does Lester Swartz go by?

Lester Swartz goes by "Skin".

What nicknames does Madalyn Lester go by?

Madalyn Lester goes by Mad.

What nicknames does Lester Sutherland go by?

Lester Sutherland goes by Bus.

What nicknames does Lester Harris go by?

Lester Harris goes by Les.

What nicknames did Lester Cuneo go by?

Lester Cuneo went by The Smiling Daredevil.

What nicknames did Lester Patrick go by?

Lester Patrick went by The Silver Fox.

What nicknames does Charles Lester Kinsolving go by?

Charles Lester Kinsolving goes by Les.

What nicknames does Lester Speight go by?

Lester Speight goes by The Mighty Rasta, and Rasta.

What nicknames does Cecil Lester Stout III go by?

Cecil Lester Stout III goes by Pete.

What nicknames does Lesleh Donaldson go by?

Lesleh Donaldson goes by Lester.