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Kent Holaday went by Kenny.

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Q: What nicknames did Kent Holaday go by?
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What is the birth name of Kent Holaday?

Kent Holaday's birth name is William Kent Holaday.

What nicknames does Chuck Holaday go by?

Chuck Holaday goes by Chuck.

When was Kent Holaday born?

Kent Holaday was born on May 8, 1952, in Indiana, USA.

When did Kent Holaday die?

Kent Holaday died on June 24, 2001, in Shadow Hills, California, USA of thyroid condition.

What nicknames does Nicole Kent go by?

Nicole Kent goes by Nicky.

What nicknames did Regina Kent go by?

Regina Kent went by Gi.

What nicknames does Kent Annas go by?

Kent Annas goes by Kelani.

What nicknames does Kent Blanton go by?

Kent Blanton goes by Superman.

What nicknames does Kent Rich go by?

Kent Rich goes by Gaston.

What nicknames does Kent Victor Schuelke go by?

Kent Victor Schuelke goes by Kent Cool.

What nicknames did Kent Walton go by?

Kent Walton went by The Voice of Wrestling.

What nicknames does Kent Titze go by?

Kent Titze goes by Real Life Herbie Husker.