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Fritz Hubert went by Fritz.

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Q: What nicknames did Fritz Hubert go by?
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What is the birth name of Fritz Hubert?

Fritz Hubert's birth name is William Francis Hubert.

What nicknames does Hubert Kramar go by?

Hubert Kramar goes by Hubsi.

What nicknames does Michael Hubert go by?

Michael Hubert goes by Sportomike.

How tall is Fritz Hubert?

Fritz Hubert is 5' 6 1/2".

What nicknames did Hubert Julian go by?

Hubert Julian went by The Black Eagle.

What nicknames does Harold Fritz go by?

Harold Fritz goes by Hal.

What nicknames does Alan Fritz go by?

Alan Fritz goes by Al.

When did Fritz Hubert die?

Fritz Hubert died in 1945, in Puyallup, Washington, USA.

What nicknames did Hubert von Meyerinck go by?

Hubert von Meyerinck went by Hubsi.

When did Fritz-Hubert Gräser die?

Fritz-Hubert Gräser died on 1960-11-04.

When was Fritz-Hubert Gräser born?

Fritz-Hubert Gräser was born on 1888-01-03.

When was Fritz Hubert born?

Fritz Hubert was born on March 30, 1906, in Springfield, Ohio, USA.