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Art Tatum went by Mr T, and T.

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Q: What nicknames did Art Tatum go by?
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What nicknames does Tatum Miranda go by?

Tatum Miranda goes by Tate.

What nicknames did Jack Tatum go by?

Jack Tatum went by The Assassin.

What nicknames does Roy Tatum go by?

Roy Tatum goes by Goose.

What nicknames does Channing Tatum go by?

Channing Tatum goes by Chan.

What nicknames does Tatum Shank go by?

Tatum Shank goes by T, 2T's, and Lil' Hawk.

What instrument did Art Tatum play?

Art Tatum was a jazz pianist.

What is Art Tatum's birthday?

Art Tatum was born on October 13, 1909.

What is the birth name of Art Tatum?

Art Tatum's birth name is Taylor Jr., Arthur.

How old was Art Tatum at death?

Art Tatum died on November 5, 1956 at the age of 47.

What nicknames did Art Satherley go by?

Art Satherley went by Uncle Art.

What nicknames did Art Babbitt go by?

Art Babbitt went by Bones, and Art.

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