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it's a family name meaning Lord given to the descendants of the Muslim prophet Mohammed it's Arabic in origin

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Q: What nationality is syed in real life?
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What is Eastenders' Syed's sexual orientation in real life?

Syed is straight in real life.

Is syed in eastenders gay in reallife?

No he is not. He is straight in real life.

Do Syed and Amira from eastenders date in real life?

No they don't

Are Christian and Syed really gay in real life?

John Partridge (Christian) is openly gay in real life Marc Elliott (Syed) hasn't specified whether he is gay or straight, but it is pressumed he is straight.

What is syed of eastenders real name?

Syed Masood's real name is Marc Elliot

Is cristian from eastends is real gay in real gay in real life?

Yes, at the moment he is going out with Muslim, Syed. He is also gay in real life.

What nationality is lakits?

Lakits are a fictional species in the Mario video game series that are considered to be part of the Koopa Troop. They are not associated with any real-life nationality.

What is the real name of sir syed ahmed khan?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is highly respected by Pakistanis for his efforts for education of Muslims of sub continent. His real name was Syed Ahmed Taqvi. For his efforts in educational sector, he was honored with the title of Sir by British Government.

What nationality is house?

British, in real life. He does a American accent. I think in the show he's Canadian or from Cali

What is the real name of the poet syed sharafat ali?

Behzad Lakhnavi

What is real name of syed waktu rehat?

Mohd. Nazreen Norzali

Is Syed from 'Eastenders' gay in real life?

Marc Elliot is a character named Syed Masood, On Eastenders. He plays a gay character on TV, but this does not mean he is actually gay. Despite his characters sexual preferences, and all the rumors surrounding his personal sexual orientation....Marc Elliot is by all means straight. He is currently dating his onscreen wife Amira Masood in real life! co-star Preeya Kalidas.