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Victoria Melbourne Australia

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Q: What nationality is Matthew werkmeister?
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Who is Matthew Werkmeister dating?


Does Matthew Werkmeister have a girlfriend?

yes that would be me.

Is Matthew werkmeister married?

No, he is not married; he is 17 for goodness sake!

Is Matthew Werkmeister's sexual orientation?

There were a number of rumours circulating in "gossip" columns and magazines that Matthew Werkmeister, who plays the character Zeke Kinski in Neighbours is gay. The rumours were substantiated as being accounts of friends and people he knew from his personal life, as well as some of those who worked around the set of Neighbours. There was also (apparently) an interview given by a young male who claimed to have had sexual relations with Matthew Werkmeister. However, Matthew Werkmeister has never confirmed or denied this. It is still a rumour that circulates in the Australian gossip columns and magazines.

What's Zeke kinski from neighbors' real name?

His real name is Matthew Werkmeister.

Was Matthew Werkmeister in a school play called Annie in 2004?

Yes he was in a school play called Annie.

Who plays Zeke kinski in neighbors?

Matthew Werkmeister (born 30 January 1992) plays Zeke Kinski

How old is Matthew werkmeister?

he is born in 1992 so iam guessing he is 17 same age as tom Williams hottie

What nationality was st Matthew?

st matthew was a galiean

What was Matthew Flinders nationality?

Matthew Flinders was born in England.

What is Matthew Werkmeister fan mail address?

please help me i dont know where his fan mail address is please find out soon peeps

Will Zeke kinski return to neighbors?

possibly although Matthew Werkmeister who plays him wanted to be killed off but they couldn't do it so its a possibilty he could return