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Q: What name did Powhatan give to John Smith to make him a son?
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What predictions did king Powhatan make about future relations in his plea to john smith?

He was basically predicting how John Smith will one day be in the same position as he himself is in at that very moment.

Colonist married Pocahontas in an effort to make peace with the Powhatan?

John Rolfe

What colonist married Pocahontas in an effort to make peace with the Powhatan?

John Rolfe

How did Pocahontas help make peace between the Jamestown colonists and the Powhatan?

Pocahantas helped make peace between The Jamestown colonists and the Powhatan because she had married the English colonist John Rofle in the year 1614. John Rolfe wasn't a colonist!! :)

Settlement did John Smith make?

I think its james town.

What did the Powhatan Indians do to make their transportation?


Why did chief Powhatan wants to kill John Smith?

The only account of this event was written by Smith many years after it was supposed to have taken place and Smith has been proven to have invented many stories to make himself and his experiences seem more adventurous and exciting. He also claimed to have been saved from a similar execution at the hands of Turks by the teenage daughter of a Turkish king - does this sound familiar?If the event really did happen (and we only have the word of Smith that it did), he may have completely misunderstood what was happening. Some experts believe that it was not an execution at all, but part of a religious adoption ceremony in which Smith was made the "son" of chief Powhatan, with Pocahontas pretending to save him from harm at the crucial moment. For Smith, who would have no comprehension of what was going on, it might have all seemed real.Since nobody took pains to record in detail the religious ceremonies of the Powhatan people, we can never know the truth, but we do know that anything Smith wrote must be treated as suspect.

Why was John Smith not married to Pocahontas?

She didn't save Smith and she was a little girl. The story we know is not true. Actually the colonist landed in an area of 14,000 Native Americans and in the worse land in the area. Powhatan pretty much left them alone. I think he figured that they would die from the bad water and disease . He was fairly right. Within 6 months there were only 34 men left alive of the 104 who came. It wasn't until after his death that the brother of Powhatan attacked the colony. The story about Smith is also not true. He did NOT save Jamestown. He was only there a very few months and he lied about his contribution to the settlement in a book he wrote several years later. He also made up the story about Pocahontas and she died young so couldn't refute his story. The man who did save Jamestown was the husband of Pocahontas and gave tobacco seeds to the colony. That was John Rolfe.

When did Captain John Smith make the no work no eat policy?

in colonial America

How did john Smith make a difference?

he helped Jamestown with boats and things like that

Is Powhatan's speech to John Smith Fiction?

There are many disputes over whether the claim that Powhatan, Chief of the native Powhatan tribe, made a speech to the early colonial Captain John Smith, who sailed from England to the now Virginia area of America, is historical truth, or fiction. There is such a speech, recorded in 1607, which also within that same record states the person whom the speech was made by, Powhatan, and whom the speech was written to: Smith. Though, in theory, the words of the speech are spoken right from the mouth of Powhatan and written and recorded honestly, many skeptics argue that the actual words spoken by Powhatan could have been manipulated and changed by the person or persons recording the speech, or altered by others after the event. Being a member of the native Powhatan tribe, Powhatan spoke his native tongue, and though he may have become familiar with some English, he was probably not fluent in it in any way, let alone well-spoken in the English language. Certain terminologies and phrases that are "spoken" by the chief actually seem toowell-spoken for a man with his knowledge and skill level of the English language. This implies that Powhatan's words may have been changed or, at the very least, tweaked, to form a more fluent, better sounding documented speech. However, with that said, the seemingly insignificant action of tweaking a few lines for the aesthetic purpose of literacy, may easily lead to less innocent acts of manipulation of Powhatan's words and perhaps a dishonest account of his speech.In conclusion, Chief Powhatan more than likely did make the speech addressed to Captain Smith in 1607. However, there are likely-hoods that his speech was altered, perhaps to create a more elegant sounding monologue or for a more sinister agenda. History has has a strange way of hiding things, even from the most searching eye. There are some truths that we may never discover, or some discoveries that we may never know to be completely true.

What were some of the jobs the Powhatan had to do?

The Powhatan Were Able To Help Serve/Make Food For The Village..Or Some Could Help With The Children Like A Daycare