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It's Pop Music.

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Q: What music genre is Scouting For Girls?
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Where can you get heart beat scouting for girls music notes from?

Try searching in Google or on Youtube :)

When was Scouting for Girls created?

Scouting for Girls was created in 2005.

When was Scouting for Girls - album - created?

Scouting for Girls - album - was created on 2007-09-17.

What is scouting for girls new album?

Scouting For Girls' new album is called Everybody Wants To Be On TV.

Is scouting for girls sining Elvis isn't dead?

Scouting For Girls do sing Elvis Ain't Dead

How many number 1's did Scouting For Girls have?

Scouting for Girls had one number 1 single for "This Ain't a Love Song". Their debut album "Scouting for Girls" was also number 1.

When was Keep On Walking - Scouting for Girls song - created?

Keep On Walking - Scouting for Girls song - was created in 2007.

What is Scouting for Girls roy strides contact details Roy stride is the main singer in scouting for girls.?

What is scouting for girls new album called?

"Everybody Wants to Be on TV" is the new album by the English pop band Scouting for Girls.

Where can I get piano chords for heartbeat by scouting for girls?

go on youtube and type in scouting for girls heartbeat and ask the person playing for the chords

Who is better 30h3 or scouting for girls?

That is completely down to personal opinion. Scouting for girls have had more top 10 singles and sold more albums, but they have been around for longer so have an unfair advantage. I prefer scouting for girls

Who sings the song in the latest Sony commercial?

Hey Monday - How you love me now Or it could be "A New Day" by Scouting for Girls. This was the song I was looking for off a Sony commercial.