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Q: What music artist has the most hit records of all time?
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Were there music records in time of George Washington?


When did pop music start and who were the main music artist of that time?

sometime and some people

Does the music artist have to make their own beat?

Not all the time

Is there a difference between full time working in the music recording industry and being a music recording artist?

A Full time working in the music industry is a regular employee who does a regular job. In other words, this refers to an 8-5 job. Meanwhile, a music recording artist is THE talent, the star, the artist himself.

What recording artist including solo and groups sold the most records of all time?

Not sure about "sale" but I would think the Grateful Dead are close to the top of perfoarmances

What type of job does Justin bieber have?

He is a full time music artist - he sings.

Where could one go to view music videos featuring the artist Trina?

The most popular place one could go to and view music videos featuring the artist Trina is YouTube. Other video hosting sites that offer music videos featuring Trina are, Slack-Time, Dailymotion and Yahoo! Video.

Which artist sings Esta Ausencia?

The artist that sings "Esta Ausencia'' is David Bisbal. He is a very profound artist in his day of age. Many hit records that came out a very long time ago.

Who owns RCA?

At the time of writing RCA records is owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

The most popular musical artist of all time?

KISS have sold more albums/records/singles than any other band in the world, including more than the Beatles and Elvis.

What time signatures is most samba music written in?

Most samba music is written in 3/4 time.

How is a printers proof signed?

Printers Proof's are most of the time signed by the artist, but are most of the time not numbered.