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Well, all I know is that, the movie called 'The Shining' was filmed or wrote there, but I am not sure about the rest.

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Q: What movie was filmed at Stanley hotel?
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What miniseries was filmed at the Stanley Hotel years before TV's Ghost Hunters visited it?

The Shining The Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King's novel "The Shining", was investigated by the TV show "Ghost Hunters" in 2006.

What city is the movie Hotel for Dogs filmed in?

Los Angels,Calafornia

Where was the movie birdcage filmed?

Miami mainly Miami beach carlysle hotel

What hotel in Mexico was the sex and the city 2 filmed?

None. The movie was filmed at several New York City and Morocco locations.

Which room did Stephen King stay in at the Stanley hotel?

Stephen King stayed in room 217 at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired him to write "The Shining." The room is now a popular attraction at the hotel for fans of the book and movie.

Where was the hotel in the movie some like it hot filmed?

In the movie Some Like it Hot (1959), the fictional hotel is the Seminole Ritz in Miami, Florida. In reality it was the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California.

Where was The Flock movie filmed?

Looks to me like Albuquerque NM. The El Camino Hotel they stayed at is a historic Hotel on north 4th street.

Where was the remake of the shining filmed?

At the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley was the inspiration for the novel by Stephen King, who allegedly was not happy with Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of the novel. At the Stanley, there are photos of the miniseries being shot in the corridor of the basement level, including Stephen King as the band leader. The other hotel location (used for the outdoor scenes at the end with the Sno-Kat escape and Jack N. freezing in the made-for-the-movie maze) is Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon, which was a depression-era building project.

Where was hotel du lac byBrookner filmed?

"Hotel Du Lac" was filmed at the Park Hotel in Vitznau on Lake Lucerne.

Where was Grand Hotel filmed?

Though The Grand Budapest hotel is fictitious it was filmed somewhere in Germany.

Where was grand budapest hotel filmed?

Though The Grand Budapest hotel is fictitious it was filmed somewhere in Germany.

What hotel in Colorado did Stephen king wright the shining?

Stephen King wrote "The Shining" at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The hotel's spooky atmosphere and history inspired him to write the novel.