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Kevon Edmonds was featured in a 1997 movie titled, "Soul Food". He played a member of a fictitious band named Milesstone, and had a hit song from that movie.

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Q: What movie was Kevon Edmonds featured in?
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What is Kenneth Edmonds brother's name?

Kevon Edmonds

Are there photos of Kevon Edmonds and his wife?

Yes he is married .

How old are Kevon and Kenneth Edmonds?

Kevon Edmonds (of After 7) is 59 years old (born February 25, 1958).Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds is 58 years old (born April 10, 1959).

What was Kevon Edmonds renown for?

Kevon Edmonds is famous for his acting talents and singing ability. His younger brother is perhaps more well known as "Babyface" an artist from the mid 1990s.

Pictures of kevon edmonds and wife Ruth ross edmonds?

Dr. Ruth Ross-Edmonds is my orthodontist and she is the wife of Kevon Edmonds,the lead singer of the boy group After 7 and brother of the producer and musician,Babyface Edmonds. Her office is located in Nashville, Tennessee.She is the best dentist ever! To learn more about her, go to ,

Who was kevon Edmonds first wife?

Yes kevon Edmonds is married this is his second marriage he was married before for about 15 years to a young lady from New Jersey now he's married to a woman and lives in Tennessee

How old is Babyface's brother Kevon Edmonds?

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmond's older brother Kevon was born February 25, 1958.

What is the name of kenneth edmonds brother in the movie soul food?

Baby Face's brothers who appeared in Soul Food, names are Kevon and Melvin.

What is Kevon Edmonds' birthday?

Kevon Edmonds was born in Indianapolis Indiana home of the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis speed way of Nascar. He grew up in Indianapolis with his brothers Kenneth K-ci and Jojo. He attended Indiana Univerisity

What are some famous songs of Kevon Edmonds?

The song "24/7" is the most famous song that Kevon Edmonds sings. It was released in 1999 and would go on to reach the number 10 position on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

What are the release dates for Soul Train - 1971 Kevon Edmonds Ideal B-G- 28-17?

Soul Train - 1971 Kevon Edmonds Ideal B-G- 28-17 was released on: USA: 5 February 2000

What are the names of Kenny babyface edmonds brothers?

Marvin Jr., Melvin, Micheal, Kevon, and Derek