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It is used by 2 movies that I know of. Linus Caldwell (played by Matt Damon) says it at the end of Ocean's Thirteen. And it's also the last line from Lester "Worm" Murphy (played by Edward Norton) to Mike McDermott (played by ... Matt Damon) in the movie Rounders.

I've got another one for it, and the film is before Ocean's Thirteen and Rounders.

Gallipoli, an Australian film produced in 1981. The poignant phrase is used between the characters, Archy Hamilton (Mark Lee) and Frank Dunne (Mel Gibson), firstly when they Frank leaves his three mates to join Archie in the light horse, and then between Frank and Archy when Archy is going to go over the top at the Nek and Frank is utilised as a runner. The full use of that phrase in the film is "I'll see ya when I see ya", to which the other responds, "Not if I see you first".

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The only instance of a line close to that which I could find was in the movie Cats Don't Dance which has the line "See you in the movies" from the character Danny Cat

For years Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert signed off with the line "See you at the movies"

"See you in the Movies" is also a short story by Madelyn Arnold suggesting that has passed into common usage.

It also may have arisen as a twist on the phrase "See you in the funny papers" which was a common parting saying around the first half of the 1900s (independent of any movie). It started out as kind of an insult (You're so pathetic you belong in the funnies) but transitioned to a general parting meaning little more than a humorous "see ya later".

Big Dan Teague uses that line in the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Sam says it in the movie It's a Wonderful Life

John Q says it in the movie John Q

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Q: What movie is I'll see ya when I see ya from?
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