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Q: What movie has a character by the name of Dr Samuel Loomis?
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What is the doctor's name in the movie Halloween?

Dr. Samuel Loomis.

What is the doctor's name in Halloween?

His name is Dr. Samuel James Loomis.

What was Samuel L Jackson's character name in the movie Unbreakable?

Elijah Price

Who was the detective of the movie Halloween?

Sherriff Brackett was the name of the policeman character in Halloween. However, you may be referring to Dr. Sam Loomis. He was Michael's psychiatrist. Dr. Loomis hunted Michael down because he knew that Michael was evil and couldn't stop himself from killing.

What is the birth name of Hamilton Loomis?

Hamilton Loomis's birth name is HamiltonMichaelLoomis.

What character did Samuel Jackson play in Pulp Fiction?

The name of the character is Jules Winnfield.

What was Samuel L Jackson's character in a time to kill?

His character's name was Carl Lee Hailey.

What was the stage name of Tristan Ludlow's daughter in Legends of the Fall?

Tristan Ludlow's (played by Brad Pitt) son was named after his (Tristan's) younger brother Samuel. (MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!) The full name of the character was Samuel Decker Ludlow

What was the character name of the chihuahua's in the movie legally blonde?

What was the character name of the chihuahu's in the movie legally blonde

What is another name for a dramatic noshow?

godat - a character in a play by Samuel Beckett

What character does Tommy Lee Jones play in the movie Double Jeopardy?

In the movie Double Jeopardy, Tommy Lee Jones plays the parole officer under the character name Travis Lehman. He starrs alongside Ashley Judd and Bruce Greenwood.

What is the name of a character in the movie Barbarella starring Jane Fonda?

The name of the character is the name of the film, Barbarella.