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The movie Titanic features a blue diamond necklace. It is known in the film as the "Heart of the Ocean" due to it's heart-shaped diamond and as a result of Rose throwing it into the sea at the end of the movie.

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Q: What movie has a blue diamond necklace in it?
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In the 1997 movie Titanic how many carats was the diamond Cal gave to Rose?

a blue 56 carat diamond heart shaped necklace" the heart of the sea"

Who is the boss of the Argo in the beginning of the movie that took his crew and tried to find the blue-heart shaped diamond necklace inside the ship of Titanic?


Do they mention the hope diamond in the movie titanic?

The Hope Diamond is not mentioned by that name in the movie Titanic. The stone that is given as a gift, however, bears a remarkable similarity to the Hope Diamond set in a diamond necklace.

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Is the necklace that they found on the Titanic real?

The necklace from the movie was fictional but a replica can be purchased from a company in the UK called White Star Momentos and a society in Massachusetts called the Titanic Historical Society. Having said that, 19 year-old Kate Florence Phillips was eloping to America on Titanic with Henry Samuel Morley, her boss, who had given her a sapphire necklace set-in-diamonds. He was lost but she lived and wore the necklace.

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What color was the diamond in the movie Titanic?

Dark sea blue