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  1. Waitress (2007) (writer: "NO ONE IS TO BLAME")
  2. The Lather Effect (2006) (writer: "No One Is To Blame") (performer: "No One Is To Blame")
    ... aka One More Night (Australia)
  3. "Cold Case" (1 episode, 2005)
    - Family (2005) TV episode (performer: "No One Is To Blame")
  4. The Yards (2000) (writer: "No One Is to Blame" (1985) (uncredited)) (performer: "No One Is to Blame" (1985) (uncredited))

  5. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) (writer: "NO ONE IS TO BLAME") (performer: "NO ONE IS TO BLAME")

  6. Better Off Dead... (1985) (writer: "Like To Get To Know You Well") (performer: "Like To Get To Know You Well")
    ... aka Better Off Dead (USA)
  7. Supergirl (1984) (writer: "NEW SONG", "WHAT IS LOVE") (performer: "NEW SONG", "WHAT IS LOVE")
    ... aka Supergirl: The Movie
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Q: What movie had the song no one is to blame by Howard Jones in it?
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