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I'm not sure if it's in a movie but I know it's from the McDonalds commercial for their rib sandwhich! It's a really great song!(:

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Q: What movie does the song love by Matt white come on?
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What song is in the new McDonald's commercial where part of the lyrics are what is love?

the song is "Love" by Matt White the song is "Love" by Matt White

Whats the name of the song playing in the milli and johnny makeup scene at end of the movie because i said so?

I love that song, its called 'Love', by Matt White. Enjoy!

What is the song in the McDonalds McRib ad?

"Love" by Matt White

What is the song to the McDonald's commercial that sings what is love such a silly game we play?

"Love" by Matt White

What song plays in the commercial for the McDonalds mcrib?

"love" by Matt white

What is the song that plays during the McDonalds Commercial for the McRib?

Love by Matt White

What is Matt smith's favourite movie?

He does love "Another Earth" and "12 Monkeys"

Who sings the song in the Mc Rib commercial?

The song is "Love" by Matt White. The commercial features a guy and girl that look like they are about to kiss but then they start eating a McRib instead. See the related link for the YouTube video of the commercial.

Who sings McDonald's mcribs theme song?

Matt White, the song is called love.

What is the name of the last song in because you said so?

Try Love by Matt White

Which movie did not co star both Matt Damon and ben afflect?

Shakespeare In Love

Which movie did not co-star both Matt Damon and ben afflect?

Shakespeare In Love