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Q: What movie does a girl get knocked unconscious finds herself in wonderland and wakes up and falls in love with construction worker who saved her?
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Movie where girl dreams of a place after being knocked out?

There was some form of weather related Farm accident in the opening sequences of of all things, the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is knocked down by a falling tree branch or something, may be knocked unconscious - and then is eventually caught int he cyclone- This is really stretching definitions, it turns out the whole thing was a Nightmare, but well everybody knows that. Suspended animation is a differing and intriguing plot device.

What album is the song you get knocked down from?

The song "Tubthumping" ("I Get Knocked Down"), by Chumbawamba, is from an album called Tubthumper. See the link below.

What is the name of the character that Seth Rogen plays in the movie Knocked Up?

Seth Rogen's character in the movie "Knocked Up", was 'Ben Stone'.

Does Suigetsu die?

No he does not. Although when he is blasted by the eight-tails in turns into a watery mush because he was knocked unconscious but if you keep reading he reforms. However, int he Land Of Lightning after Sasuke abandoned him and Jugo, they were trying to escape by dressing up as samurai, but were captured, not very sure if they are dead yet, so suigetsu doesnt die iight

Who does shikamaru fight the second time in the chunin exam?

Well the 1st phase was the written the second was the survival, then third he fought against Kin. He defeated Kin by sneaking his shadow under the thin strings she was using to control her bells; she did not notice that a string that thin and that far from the floor could even make a shadow. Shikamaru then took a shuriken from his pouch, with Kin, caught in his Shadow Imitation Technique, doing the same thing. Because of Kin's increased proximity to the wall of the arena, she knocked herself unconscious as Shikamaru ducked under her projectile. Then in the finale exam he fought Temari and forfeited, but he still became a Chunin.

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When someone is knocked out they are what?


Can a zombie get knocked out?

a zombie will fall down if struck on the head, but will not get knocked unconscious.

How do you spell unconchase?

The spelling is unconscious (knocked out).

How do you spell uncontous?

The likely word is "unconscious" (knocked out).

What is vice president called if president is unconscious?

Well, if he knocked the president unconscious, then he's called a "criminal".

What inhalant does knocked a person unconscious?

Really weird question.. but the answer is Chloroform.

Which us president was knocked unconscious after choking on a pretzel?

George Bush

What President was knocked unconscious after choking on a pretzel?

George W. Bush.

Can you get a concussion without going unconscious?

yes you can be knocked out without a concussion

What do little birdies see when they get knocked unconscious?

Ever noticed how Tweety Bird is the source of others getting knocked unconscious? Ever notice how Heckle and Jeckyle will gladly knock some one unconscious but they themselves have never been knocked unconscious. Ever notice how Big Bird is really pretensious? These birds are huge stars adored by millions but they themselves are incapable of seeing stars because of their highly elaborate cone cells. Birds can see colors but they can't see stars when knocked unconscious. Of course, that Big Bird is really scary looking and I wouldn't want to test this theory on him.

What founding father was knocked unconscious while trying to electrocute a turkey?

Thomas jefferson

How many times in Jackass 2 does Johnny Knoxville get knocked unconscious during filming?