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Q: What movie did the song jump on it by sir mix a lot play in?
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Did Freddie Highmore play the guitar in the movie August Rush?

Yes. That was actually him. It took a lot of frustration and patience to learn it, though. But, he can only play songs from the movie. He said that he can't play like nursery rhimes.

What is that intense opera song that they play in dramatic or climactic parts of a movie a lot?

it could be o'fortuna, from carl orfs carmina burana. that is a very dramatic piece, though it is actually a drinking song from his opera. if you are refering to the likes of the omen films and alike, then this could be the one you are asking about.

What song do they play in the end credits of Restrepo?

One song from the movie Restrepo is "Stay Together for the Kids" by Blink 182. It is played by a US soldier in Afghanistan on an acoustic guitar. Another song used in the film was a Bulgarian song, "Izlel e Delyo Haidutin", sung by Valya Balkanska. The film documents the lives of a platoon of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

What is tane in the song proud Mary?

She means Octane in this song. In the original song it said "Pumped a lot of pain" which meant propane.Hope this helps!

What is the theme song for happy feet?

I wouldn't say it had a theme song. It has a lot of songs in it but none actually specify a theme song. Opening songs for the movie Happy Feet are: "Golden Slumbers/The End" - preformed by K.D. Lang, "I Only Have Eyes For You", "With A Song In My Heart", "Tell Me Something Good" - preformed by P!nk, "Kiss" - preformed by Nicole Kidman, and "Heartbreak Hotel" - preformed by Hugh Jackman.

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What song says whoa uh oh whoa and also says the word jump a lot its either punk rock or RnB song they play it a lot during hip hop dances?

Jump by Van Halen

What is the song that has the beat of sir mix a lot jump on it but missy Elliot has a song with that beginning beat And it goes jump on it jump on it I really need the name of it please?

The name of the song is 'We Run This'

Is play jump start free?

Yes I play Jump Start a lot so i know the answer. The answer is yes but for membership no.

Is Jump start free?

Yes I play Jump Start a lot so i know the answer. The answer is yes but for membership no.

What song plays in nick and norah's infinite playlist?

well...theres a lot of songs that play in that movie...go look up the soundtrack

What movie had a whistled theme song?

Like a lot, and I mean A LOT. I'd try wikipedia.

Does the movie child's play have a lot of blood?

Yes, it does have a lot of it so not recommended for kids.

Who sang the song for BBC Christmas films advert 2009?

The song is: Jump On It, By: Sir Mix-A-Lot, From the album: Return of the Bumpasaurus It sound strange, but it's true.

What Disney movie featured the song kiss me by sixpense none the richer?

Their song, "There She Goes," was in the Disney movie "Parent Trap." The two songs sound a lot alike.

A Lot Like Love at the airport?

hand of time by groove armada

Did Frank Sinatra sing Van Halens jump?

I assume you're referring to the 1984 Van Halen song, which is actually just titled "Jump". As far as I know, Sinatra never covered this song. Heavy synth rock is not exactly in Sinatra's wheelhouse.

Does it play this Moment in Transformers th movie?

If you're referring to the song "This Moment" by Disturbed, it plays on two occasions: 1. When BumbleBee is pulling into "Bobby Bolivia's" used car lot, it plays briefly. 2. It's the 3rd song on the end credits.