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Gene Kelly played the character Pinky Benson in the film "What a Way to Go! (1964)".

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Q: What movie did gene kelly play a character name pinky?
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Gene Kelly's role in Inherit The Wind?

Gene Kelly played as E.K. Hornbeck, the news reporter, in the 1960 movie, Inherit the Wind.

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I think it is Don Lockwood?

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Gene Kelly.

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Gene Kelly dances by himself in the actual song "Singin' in the Rain", however, throughout the movie Donald O'Connor dances with Gene Kelly to numerous songs.

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"Living in a Big Way" (1947). Stars Gene Kelly, Marie McDonald, Charles Winninger, Phyllis Thaxter, Spring Byington.

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Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron starred in An American In Paris

Who played the role of Don Lockwood in the movie called Singing in the Rain?

eugene curran kelly also known as gene kelly

What is gene Kelly birth name?

Gene Kelly was born on August 23, 1912.

Which group sings singing in the rain?

it was from a movie called singing in the rain, it was sung by Gene Kelly

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An American in Paris

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vera ellen

Was Gene Kelly Grace Kelly's brother?