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Romeo Vasquez has: Performed in "Miss Tilapia" in 1956. Performed in "Ismol bat teribol" in 1957. Performed in "Pasang krus" in 1957. Performed in "Sino ang maysala" in 1957. Performed in "Mga ligaw na bulaklak" in 1957. Performed in "Prinsesa Gusgusin" in 1957. Performed in "Ate Barbara" in 1957. Played Jaime in "Pretty Boy" in 1957. Performed in "Madaling araw" in 1958. Played Rene Galvez in "Tawag ng tanghalan" in 1958. Played Romeo in "Mga reyna ng Vicks" in 1958. Performed in "Bobby" in 1958. Performed in "Kilabot sa Makiling" in 1959. Played (segment "Pikot") in "Wedding Bells" in 1959. Performed in "Debutante" in 1959. Performed in "Pitong pagsisisi" in 1959. Performed in "Ipinagbili ko ang aking anak" in 1959. Performed in "Kahapon lamang" in 1959. Performed in "Tatak" in 1959. Performed in "28 de mayo" in 1960. Performed in "Isinakdal ko ang aking ama" in 1960. Performed in "Bilanggong birhen" in 1960. Played (segment "Darling, paalam") in "Ginang Hukom" in 1960. Played (segment "Tagalog Story") in "7 Amores" in 1960. Performed in "Apat na yugto ng buhay" in 1961. Performed in "Habagat sa tag-araw" in 1961. Performed in "Batas ng lipunan" in 1961. Performed in "Sarah Sollente" in 1962. Performed in "Kambal na baril" in 1962. Performed in "Mga tigreng taga-bukid" in 1962. Performed in "Gulo kung gulo" in 1962. Performed in "Pitong kabanalan ng isang makasalanan" in 1962. Performed in "Mga anak ng Diyos" in 1962. Performed in "Cuatro condenados" in 1962. Performed in "Suicide Commandoes" in 1962. Performed in "Tiger Unit" in 1963. Performed in "Sa muling pagkikita" in 1963. Performed in "Limang kidlat" in 1963. Performed in "Daigdig ng matatapang" in 1964. Performed in "Tatlong siga sa Maynila" in 1964. Performed in "Tres bravos" in 1964. Performed in "Pag-ibig, ikaw ang maysala" in 1964. Performed in "Bilis at tapang" in 1964. Performed in "Scout Rangers" in 1964. Performed in "Sapagkat ikaw ay akin" in 1965. Performed in "Isinulat sa dugo" in 1965. Performed in "Ikaw... ang gabi at ang awit" in 1966. Performed in "Doble trece" in 1966. Played Daniel Castillo in "Ibulong mo sa hangin" in 1966. Performed in "Yes, I Do" in 1967. Performed in "Honey-honeymoon" in 1967. Played Gabriel in "Maruja" in 1967. Performed in "Gaano kita kamahal" in 1968. Performed in "Bandana" in 1968. Performed in "Tanging ikaw" in 1968. Performed in "Bakasin mo sa gunita" in 1968. Played Rommel in "Rowena" in 1969. Performed in "Panginoon Ng Mga Kilabot" in 1970. Performed in "Angelo" in 1970. Performed in "Nagbalik na lumipas" in 1973. Performed in "Sa aming muling pagkikita" in 1973. Performed in "Nag-aapoy na damdamin" in 1976. Performed in "Dalawang pugad, isang ibon" in 1977. Performed in "Namangka sa dalawang ilog" in 1977. Performed in "Bernardo Montalban" in 1977. Performed in "Diego Rival" in 1977. Performed in "Iwasan: alak, babae at sugal" in 1977. Performed in "Dupax" in 1977. Performed in "Ang teksas at ang labuyo" in 1977. Performed in "Apoy sa ilalim, apoy sa ibabaw" in 1977. Performed in "Pinagbuklod ng pag-ibig" in 1978. Performed in "Bakit kailangan kita" in 1978. Performed in "Isang gabi sa iyo... Isang gabi sa akin" in 1978. Performed in "Pag-ibig ko sa iyo lang ibibigay" in 1978. Performed in "Gusto kita mahal ko siya" in 1979. Performed in "Ayaw kong maging kerida" in 1983. Performed in "Nang masugatan ang gabi" in 1984. Played Gary in "Hello Lover, Goodbye Friend" in 1985. Played Lauro Vizconde in "The Untold Story: Vizconde Massacre II - May the Lord Be with Us" in 1994. Played Colonel Castillo in "Urban Rangers" in 1995. Performed in "Reputasyon" in 1997.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Romeo Vasquez been in?
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Humberto Castro has: Played Vasquez in "The Cell" in 2012. Played Riley Harris in "Eye on the Prize" in 2013. Played Eric Vasquez in "The Cell" in 2013. Played Carjacker in "Dead of Night" in 2013. Played The Stud in "At the Door" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Justin Vasquez been in?

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Wilson Vasquez has: Performed in "Fire Island Cruising 5" in 2003. Performed in "Fire Island Cruising 6" in 2004. Performed in "Encounters 3: Flash Point" in 2006. Played Bodyguard in "La Dolce Vita" in 2006. Performed in "Auditions: Volume 12" in 2006. Played Wilson Vasquez in "Lucas Encounters: The Heat of the Moment" in 2006.

What are the release dates for 'Romeo Must Die' Movie Special - 2000 TV?

'Romeo Must Die' Movie Special - 2000 TV was released on: USA: 3 March 2000

What movie and television projects has Luz Vasquez been in?

Luz Vasquez has: Played Dancer in "The Preview Murder Mystery" in 1936. Played Singer in "Woman Trap" in 1936. Played Dancer in "Triple Justice" in 1940. Played Miss Mexico in "Pan-Americana" in 1945. Played Extra in "Around the World in Eighty Days" in 1956.

What movie and television projects has Amber Vasquez been in?

Amber Vasquez has: Played Nurse Gabrielle Rodriguez in "General Hospital" in 1963. Played Cheerleader in "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" in 2003. Played Natalie in "Sage Advice" in 2013. Performed in "BK Comedy Series" in 2013. Played Frances in "Quitting Time" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Kid Romeo been in?

Kid Romeo has: Played Kid Romeo in "WCW Monday Nitro" in 1995. Played Kid Romeo in "WCW Thunder" in 1998. Played Jobber (2001) in "WWF Metal" in 1998. Played himself in "WCW Greed" in 2001. Played himself in "WWE: The Rise and Fall of WCW" in 2009.

What movie and television projects has Junior Vasquez been in?

Junior Vasquez has: Played himself in "Hang the DJ" in 1998. Played himself in "Video on Trial" in 2005. Played himself in "The Godfather of Disco" in 2007. Played himself in "Out in Manhattan" in 2008. Played himself in "The Universe of Keith Haring" in 2008. Performed in "Slip Cue" in 2010. Performed in "The Arroyo" in 2014.

What movie and television projects has Frank Romeo been in?

Frank Romeo has: Played Engineer in "Black and Blue" in 2005. Played Sven in "Sven Stromson Blue" in 2006. Played Kitten in "Hurry Up and Wait" in 2011. Performed in "Meltdown of Vengeance" in 2011. Played Joey in "Broken Spirits" in 2014.

What movie and television projects has Francisco Vasquez been in?

Francisco Vasquez has: Played Bus ride to Los Angeles in "Star Maps" in 1997. Played Salsa Club Dancer in "Dance with Me" in 1998. Played Nestor in "Best Buds" in 2003. Played Cesar in "Balas" in 2004. Played Horacio in "Secretos" in 2004. Played Dancer 2 in "Leila" in 2006. Played Train passenger in "Cross Currents" in 2009.

What movie and television projects has Jeric Vasquez been in?

Jeric Vasquez has: Performed in "Hindi palulupig" in 1989. Performed in "Bukas bibitayin si itay" in 1995. Performed in "Unang tibok" in 1996. Performed in "Pilya" in 1997. Played Sparrow in "Epimaco Velasco: NBI" in 1997. Performed in "Mga babae sa Isla Azul" in 1998. Played Bikers in "Ako ang lalagot sa hininga mo" in 1999.

What movie and television projects has Jimmy Vasquez been in?

Jimmy Vasquez has: Played Juanchaco in "Jack el despertador" in 2002. Played Leonardo Vargas in "La saga: Negocio de familia" in 2004. Played Lucio in "Luna, la heredera" in 2004. Performed in "Criminal" in 2006. Played Miller Afanador in "Nuevo rico, nuevo pobre" in 2007. Played Pacho in "De Rolling por Colombia" in 2013.