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Peter Outerbridge has: Played Translation voice in "Frontline" in 1983. Played Jeff Chandler in "21 Jump Street" in 1987. Played Young Thomas Constantine in "Forever Knight" in 1989. Played Count Marek in "Road to Avonlea" in 1990. Played Rick in "The Hidden Room" in 1991. Played Jeff Hartley in "The Commish" in 1991. Played Officer Jeff Hartley in "The Commish" in 1991. Played Dylan Wiatt in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" in 1991. Played Jesse in "Nightmare Cafe" in 1992. Played Paul Kinman in "Highlander" in 1992. Played Randal in "Hate Mail" in 1992. Played Talbot in "Secret Service" in 1992. Played Barry Donovan in "Diagnosis Murder" in 1992. Played Sloan in "Paris, France" in 1993. Played Josef Grool in "Cool Runnings" in 1993. Played Johnny in "For the Moment" in 1993. Played Paul Temple in "Another Woman" in 1994. Played John Cheever in "Replikator" in 1994. Played Dr. Andy Groenig in "The Outer Limits" in 1995. Played Zach Griffiths in "The Outer Limits" in 1995. Played Ned in "Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years" in 1995. Played Thomas Benti in "The Android Affair" in 1995. Played Greg in "Falling for You" in 1995. Played Ned Bailey in "The Outer Limits" in 1995. Played Jules in "The Michelle Apts." in 1995. Played Rodney in "Dinner Along the Amazon" in 1996. Played Matt in "Kissed" in 1996. Played William Johnson in "Captive Heart: The James Mink Story" in 1996. Played Adam in "Closer and Closer" in 1996. Played Sergei in "Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance" in 1996. Played John Manning in "Michael Hayes" in 1997. Played Roger in "La Femme Nikita" in 1997. Played Jack Bolinas in "Murder in My Mind" in 1997. Played Joe in "Earth: Final Conflict" in 1997. Played Dr. Milton Bradshaw in "Mentors" in 1998. Played Lee Nash aka Carter in "Escape Velocity" in 1999. Played Judy in "Better Than Chocolate" in 1999. Played Felder in "The Time Shifters" in 1999. Played John Rank, Sagan Cocommander in "Escape from Mars" in 1999. Played Eddie in "Fools Die Fast" in 2000. Played Robert Kiely in "Marine Life" in 2000. Performed in "Killing Moon" in 2000. Played Special Agent Sean Donahue in "Double Frame" in 2000. Played Sergei Kirov in "Mission to Mars" in 2000. Played Roger Deacon in "Out of Sync" in 2000. Played Ronnie Stark in "24" in 2001. Played Alex in "The Pretender 2001" in 2001. Played Tyrone Fox in "Paradise Falls" in 2001. Played Tyrone in "Paradise Falls" in 2001. Played Bob Kozlowski in "Chasing Cain" in 2001. Played Detective Bob Kozlowski in "Chasing Cain: Face" in 2002. Played Gord Black in "100 Days in the Jungle" in 2002. Played James Lennox in "Men with Brooms" in 2002. Played Everette Hatch in "The Bay of Love and Sorrows" in 2002. Played Theodore Gray in "The Rendering" in 2002. Played Jim Coutts in "Trudeau" in 2002. Played Trevor McDowell in "Monk" in 2002. Played Phil Goody in "Puppets Who Kill" in 2002. Played Dave Miller in "Cold Creek Manor" in 2003. Played Nick Simms in "The Risen" in 2003. Played Jason Herlock in "Miracles" in 2003. Played Curt Bonner in "Chicks with Sticks" in 2004. Played Jerry Weicker in "The D.A." in 2004. Played Earl in "Ill Fated" in 2004. Played Clark White in "Medical Investigation" in 2004. Played Detective William Murdoch in "The Murdoch Mysteries" in 2004. Played David Sandstrom in "ReGenesis" in 2004. Played Dale Robertson in "This Is Wonderland" in 2004. Played Gordon Wintrob in "Murder in the Hamptons" in 2005. Played Styles in "Land of the Dead" in 2005. Played Randy Cioffi in "Tilt" in 2005. Played Dumbrowski in "Lucky Number Slevin" in 2006. Played Alec Becker in "10.5: Apocalypse" in 2006. Played Peter Varland in "Whistler" in 2006. Played Deputy Christian Hecker in "Population 436" in 2006. Played Denis Teague in "Intimate Stranger" in 2006. Played Charlie Manning in "My Name Is Sarah" in 2007. Played Malcolm Dawkins in "Sanctuary" in 2008. Played Dr. Reyes in "Fringe" in 2008. Played Walter Volcek in "Flashpoint" in 2008. Played Magnus in "The Listener" in 2009. Played Magnus Elphrenson in "The Listener" in 2009. Played William in "Saw VI" in 2009. Played Detective Ryan Johnson in "Burning Mussolini" in 2009. Played Captain Jack Colvin in "Deadliest Sea" in 2009. Played Walter in "Reviving Ophelia" in 2010. Played Ari Tasarov in "Nikita" in 2010. Played Handsome Dan Farmer in "Happy Town" in 2010. Played George Brown in "John A.: Birth of a Country" in 2011. Played Narrator in "Zombies: A Living History" in 2011. Played Keith Hoyt in "Suits" in 2011. Played Bob Corbett in "Bomb Girls" in 2012. Played Travis Grady in "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" in 2012. Played Silverfox in "Beauty and the Beast" in 2012. Played Bruce in "Haunter" in 2013. Played Aramas in "Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds" in 2013. Played Henry in "Darknet" in 2013.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Peter Outerbridge been in?
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