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Maximillian Roeg has: Played Child (segment "Un ballo in maschera") in "Aria" in 1987. Played Paul from Edinburgh in "7th Heaven" in 1996. Played Skyler Nelson in "Bones" in 2005. Played Additional Voices in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in 2005. Played Roy in "Dream Boy" in 2008. Played Arthur in "Prelude in E -Minor" in 2009. Played Wahoo in "Maneater" in 2009. Played Travis in "Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific" in 2011. Played Narrator in "Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom" in 2011. Played Adam in "Seattle Road" in 2014.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Maximillian Roeg been in?
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