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Lona Andre has: Played herself in "Hollywood on Parade No. A-9" in 1933. Played Chorus Queen in "International House" in 1933. Performed in "The Way to Love" in 1933. Played Miss Miami Beach in "Take a Chance" in 1933. Played Cora Matthews in "The Woman Accused" in 1933. Played Show Girl in "Too Much Harmony" in 1933. Played Dorothy in "The Mysterious Rider" in 1933. Played Chambermaid in "The Girl in 419" in 1933. Played Party Girl in "Pick-up" in 1933. Played Hat Check Girl in "Her Bodyguard" in 1933. Played Sophie in "Lost in the Stratosphere" in 1934. Played Peggy in "Woman Unafraid" in 1934. Played Maid to Sonia in "The Merry Widow" in 1934. Played Pamela Devonshire in "Two Heads on a Pillow" in 1934. Played Florence Purcell in "By Your Leave" in 1934. Played Girl in Audience in "The Old Fashioned Way" in 1934. Played Lona - Earl Carroll Girl in "Murder at the Vanities" in 1934. Played Beatrice Manning in "Happiness C.O.D." in 1935. Played The Girl in "One Run Elmer" in 1935. Played Helen in "The Timid Young Man" in 1935. Played Showgirl in "Broadway Melody of 1936" in 1935. Played Diane in "Border Brigands" in 1935. Played Girl in "Under the Pampas Moon" in 1935. Played Teddy Blaine in "Skybound" in 1935. Performed in "Gobs of Trouble" in 1935. Played Helen Gage in "Death in the Air" in 1936. Played Southern Belle in "The Plainsman" in 1936. Played Ann Thornton aka Madame Fatima in "Lucky Terror" in 1936. Played Lily in "Our Relations" in 1936. Played Molly in "Three on a Limb" in 1936. Played Miss White in "The Great Hospital Mystery" in 1937. Played Dixie Durkin in "High Hat" in 1937. Played Florence Davis in "Race Suicide" in 1937. Played Patty Blair in "Trailing Trouble" in 1937. Played Nita Madera in "Sunset Murder Case" in 1938. Performed in "Ring Madness" in 1939. Performed in "Scrappily Married" in 1940. Played Linda Marley in "Ghost Valley Raiders" in 1940. Played Girl on Bus with Tommy in "Pardon My Sarong" in 1942. Played Chorus Girl in "Taxi, Mister" in 1943. Played Maxine, gang moll in "The Case of the Baby Sitter" in 1947. Played Chorus Girl in "Two Knights from Brooklyn" in 1949. Played Molly, gas-station patron in "The Sound of Laughter" in 1963. Performed in "A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy" in 1992.

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Lonna Montrose has: Played First Nurse in "Westside Medical" in 1977. Played Girl at Bar in "American Hot Wax" in 1978. Performed in "Crisis Counselor" in 1982. Played Rhinestone Heckler in "Rhinestone" in 1984. Played Didi in "City Heat" in 1984. Played Airport Patron in "Outrageous Fortune" in 1987. Played Comedy club patron in "Punchline" in 1988. Played Movie Theater Patron in "Party of Five" in 1994. Played Vendor in "Party of Five" in 1994. Played Room Service Waitress in "Party of Five" in 1994. Played Mother in "Mourning Song" in 2007. Played The Grumpy Lady in "A Waltz in the Doldrums" in 2009. Played Crazy Person in "Lyla Wolf: Infractus" in 2011. Played Lisette Sanyo in "The Duel" in 2011.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Lona Andre been in?
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The cast of Das Paradies im Schnee - 1923 includes: Georg Alexander as Bob Elga Brink as Mara Andersen Bruno Kastner as Edwin Hans Marr as Morris Edith Meller as Daisy, Maras Freundin Lona Schmidt as Konstanza Ferry Sikla as Andersen

What movie and television projects has Misti Traya been in?

Misty Lockheart has: Played Series Regular in "Common Ave." in 2003. Performed in "Common Ave." in 2003. Played Dana in "Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion" in 2003. Played Kiley in "Extra Credit" in 2003. Played Monica in "Chronicles of Life Starfish" in 2008.

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How tall is Lona Andre?

Lona Andre is 5' 3".

What is the birth name of Lona Andre?

Lona Andre's birth name is Launa Anderson.

When was Lona Andre born?

Lona Andre was born on March 2, 1915, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

When did Lona Andre die?

Lona Andre died on September 18, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What movie and television projects has Yessa Lona been in?

Yessa Lona has: Performed in "Kalung jailangkung" in 2011. Performed in "Kuntilanak kesurupan" in 2011. Performed in "Keranda kuntilanak" in 2011. Performed in "Santet kuntilanak" in 2012. Performed in "Bangkit dari Kubur" in 2012.

What movie and television projects has Lona Schmidt been in?

Lona Schmidt has: Performed in "Das zweite Leben" in 1916. Performed in "Wenn die Frau nicht kochen kann" in 1917. Performed in "Der Narr seines Herzens" in 1919. Performed in "Im Banne der Kralle" in 1921. Played Konstanza in "Das Paradies im Schnee" in 1923.

What movie and television projects has Isabel Florido been in?

Isabel Florido has: Played Magdalena Kranz in "Die Wache" in 1994. Played Lona Dee in "Unter uns" in 1994. Played Ilona Dertinger alias Lona Dee in "Unter uns" in 1994. Played herself in "Die Harald Schmidt Show" in 1995. Played Anne Wegner in "SK Babies" in 1996. Played Ilona Dertinger alias Lona Dee in "Unter uns: Die Highlights" in 1999. Played Rose in "Sem Ela" in 2003. Performed in "Moonlight Mountain" in 2005. Played Suzy in "Telma demain" in 2005. Played Sita in "BloodBound" in 2009.

What movie and television projects has Sarah Stock been in?

Sarah Stock has: Played Dark Angel (2008) in "Ras de lona" in 2008. Played Sarita in "No Surrender" in 2009. Played Sarita in "Bound for Glory" in 2009. Played Sarita in "Victory Road" in 2011. Played herself in "Sacrifice" in 2011. Played Sarita in "Lockdown" in 2011.

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Lona Jeffers's birth name is Lona Eleanor Jeffers.

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Atlantis has: Performed in "La fuerza bruta" in 1991. Played himself in "La revancha" in 1992. Performed in "Atlantis al rescate" in 2007. Played Himself (2008) in "Consejo mundial de lucha libre" in 2007. Played Himself (2008) in "Ras de lona" in 2008. Played himself in "NWA Pro Wrestling: The Best of Blue Demon Jr." in 2009.

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The name Lona means Light.

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Lona Williams was born in 1966.